IT Service Automation Platform

Working with a team representing Applications, Infrastructure, Network and the business, and using resource provided by a service partner, we delivered an innovative solution to a common problem.

The IT function suffered from an excess of automation and a dearth of integrated process. Every interaction between teams had to be handled manually, at best by reassigning a ticket. Records of who did what and when were dependent on a combination of local logs in each machine and honest commentary in the ticketing system.

However, as is often the case, the data centre was full of automation tools that had come as part of a larger package - VMWare control systems, database management, storage APIs, Cisco voice management, AWS and Azure controllers, and a separate API for every application… the list was perhaps not endless, but very long.

The vision was a single portal that would allow IT to define preset activities using these existing automations. It would handle processes that required multiple tools (e.g. create an account in LDAP, then configure user permissions in an application), would be accessible through a single interface, would offer reporting and governance and would be secure.

We delivered this in six months for under £50,000, fully documented. We ran as a scrum team in which I acted as the Product Owner and Project Sponsor (I know, I shouldn’t have had both roles, but sometimes reality hurts a bit), managing the vision and outcomes while maintaining communication with the potential users and the senior leadership who were looking for improvement and efficiency.