Values are important to any business, and any person wishing to make a difference to a business. I add value to a business in ways that support my values:


One definition of Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking. I have learned through my career that the cost of doing the wrong thing, of compromising on who you are, is often too high. In everything I do, whether alone or with others, I seek the right thing to do.


Everyone deserves to be heard, everyone deserves to be respected.

I always consider everyone’s interests and try to find ways to support them. It is not always possible, of course, and when that happens it is important to be clear on why a particular decision has been made.

In commercial discussions, fairness means recognising that suppliers need to make a profit, that customers need to see value and that employees and other stakeholders need to be treated equitably and with respect.


I work to be as inclusive and transparent as possible. Confidentiality agreements and commercial considerations sometimes limit that, and that has to be honoured, but I believe that being open and honest about my interests, about the processes that lead to specific decisions, about the interests around a table, all make for better decision making and sustainable working relationships.


My commitment to what I do is key. Whether in the commercial or community sectors, whether paid or unpaid, I am committed to delivering what I have promised, to adding real value to the organisations I work with and to living up to my values in all things.


Not always seen as a value, I see innovation as core to my professional identity. I seek new ways of working, I find new uses for existing technologies and I select and create new technologies to deliver an organisation’s goals.